Why It Works

What Differentiates HabitChange Coach from other coach training programs?

  • Our philosophy is that the effectiveness of coaching is 30% coaching skills and 70% who the coach is. Our training focuses on the student’s personal development while teaching professional skills.
  • We teach mindfulness and mindful meditation as an approach to life and as a practice – this is designed to raise the student’s level of self-awareness.
  • Our curriculum is built around our model of HabitChange.
  • Our curriculum was developed from inception around an integration of our change model with the core coaching competencies upheld by the ICF, a not-for-profit accrediting and practice oversight of coaches and coach training schools.
  • Our coaching students are coaching in class from Day 1, getting a lot of experience and feedback from teachers and peers on their coaching skill development.
  • Our coach training faculty are selected, trained and supervised using rigorous standards.

About HabitChange Coach

HabitChange Coach is an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited training school for coaches. Our primary focus is providing coach training and certification for people who want to become professional coaches (life coaching and health coaching). We also provide coaching services for business, government and nonprofit organizations.

HabitChange Coaching is a division of the parent company, HabitChange Company. We work with clients throughout the country to help them achieve sustainable behavior change.